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Mercury Retrograde 20/08/10-12/09/10- What Did It Mean For You?

By:Tiffany Crosara
Date: Sun,19 Sep 2010

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Mercury Retrograde 20/08/10-12/09/10- What Did It Mean For You?

Thursday 9th Sept-

I just got a text from a client saying “Tiffany- I can't wait to get your newsletter this month- this Mercury retrograde thing is doing my head in!”

“Hmm! I hadn't even thought I was ready to do that!”

I normally wait until the end in order to review- but maybe people need some help during, and then I tuned in and got- “you got more than enough come through girl!”

So then in my normal whipped up frenzy I think to myself – “Oh gosh! There is only two days left before Mercury goes direct on Sunday and I must get it out there by then! (Never mind the fact that tomorrow I am working day and night and Saturday I have an all day workshop!) No that doesn't matter!- I have three hours left on the train to do this”- then I realise I forgot my laptop charger and my battery is nearly flat!...............................................

That type of thing is “Typical Mercury Retrograde!”

This Mercury Retrrograde has been particularly strong for me this time and I wonder if it is because Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and because I have Mercury is in Virgo, or if it is because Mercury is ruled by Virgo?-

My conclusion is that it could well be particularly strong for all of us as Mercury is retrograde in it's own sign- but particularly for anyone with strong Virgo or in particular Mercury in Virgo.

Whatever sign and house Mercury is in will give you information about what this Mercury Retrograde means for you, also what planets you have in Virgo and where.

If you don't know where your Mercury is then go here and fill in the details of your birth:

If you get stuck, and need some help there is a “send page' link on the page of your chart drawing,

You can send it to me at [email protected] with a donation and I will have a look for you and explain. To make the donation please use the “donation” button at the bottom of the Reiki page at:

(Or if you are not sure about your time of birth email me anyway as I may be able to help.)

(I am offering this service as donation at present as I am currently studying Astrology seriously (again!) for the second time in my life and sooner or later Transcendental Temple will have an Astrology section but right now I am still learning- learning Astrology sometimes feels like you are trying to learn everything about the universe- I guess it may be because you are! It can feel like a never ending infinite journey- because I guess it is! But it is something I have been passionate about since a VERY early age- it runs far back to my childhood, probably even as far back as four! (When my Tarot interest started) I have become passionate about other things since then but my passion for Tarot has always been top and never waned and I would go as far to say as my passion for Astrology matches it.)

For those of you who may not have the foggiest idea of what I am blathering on about here's a quick explanation (before my battery dies!)

Mercury is the planet of movement, of communication, of getting the message, of getting from one place to another. Three times a year (on average- last year it threw in an extra one at christmas just before the year was out!) Mercury “appears” to be moving backwards through space, this is known as the Mercury Retrograde period.

During this time communications and general movements can all seem to be going “backwards” but just like how the planet only seems to be going backwards, we only seem to be going backwards, the process of which is just to re-view before the next step.

Mercury retrograde can be really frustrating if you let it, hic-ups in your communications and processes in general can seem extraordinarily high, feeling like you have re-verted into old patterns, broken/ missing communications, and generally things just not feeling like they are going to plan, but actually they are- it's all down to the bigger plan. Mercury is the trickster and the trick is to either see the bigger picture or laugh!

Mercury is not a great period for initiating projects, but it is “ab fab” for anything with “Re” in the name, like so: Regression (like past -life visitation for instance), reflection, renovation, research, reviewing, relocating, (but nothing moving or travelling forward!!) re-doing, etc...

Even though this has been a particularly strong one for me I have to say I am quite impressed with my ability this time to laugh :-)

Even when I realised I have forgotten my laptop charger which means I am now dragging my laptop round London all weekend for no reason what so ever except to make my back-pack even heavier than it already is with eight 60 page A4 manuals in it!

Even though it means I am going to have eight hours on a train- which I always use to work- with a dead laptop and an inability to work, which could well put me in a spin because I am totally booked up next week and however am I going to make p the time, blah,blah,blah!.....I am smiling- because I know really that I won't take a break unless it is enforced-and I am pretty sure I need one. (Although I know I am getting into this and will be annoyed when it conks!)

However I can't see the funny side in forgetting to pick up my prescription inhalers before I got on the train to leave which leaves me without any for a few days, every time this has happened in the past psychologically I wind myself up to having an asthma attack (by fearing it I bring it on.)

I can't afford to have an asthma attack this weekend as I am totally fully booked, so I guess maybe this is about seeing my old pattern of thought and changing it :-/ bit challenging that one!

I can definitely see the funny side of my husband saying to me last night- “Tiffany- what is the sugar doing in the fridge?”-

And the funny side of me sat on the loo in a panic as I had a phone reading coming through in just over five minutes and I needed to get a message off the landline phone and what should have been a simple minute long task really wasn't!- With that in one hand and my blackberry in other, poised to ring the number I knew was a mobile-every time I listened to the message on the LANDLINE- the message would cut out at different points of the number- It took me five times to hear the whole number and then I saw I had twelve numbers! (Mobiles only have eleven) and so I listened again only to find the whole message had disappeared!!!

“oh **** Mercury!!!!!”

“Right now I have twelve numbers for this lady who wants a psychic reading- well if I meant to read for her I will psychically deduce the right one!”

To my shock- first time I got it right! Poor love had me reciting the whole story to her in quite a rushed way as I was still on the loo and had only a couple of minutes before another phone reading was coming through after five minutes of decoding a simple number! Good knows what she thought! (I didn't tell her the loo bit! I think that meant I saved it as she still booked :-/ !)

I can see the deeper side of doing a Skype reading for a return client in China (that seemed from the cards that between booking and having the reading she had processed it all by herself ) cutting out half way through. I could just see she needed to save the other half for a time when she really needed it and luckily she saw that too.

Even when a new client emails me saying they would like a Regression (re-gression is always popular during retrogrades) and it goes into my junk and I have to transfer it to my inbox to reply and as I do that it gets launched into cyber-space never to be seen again- I know that means that this person is doubting (they had already turned down my available days that Mysteries had given them and were asking if I do any other in London which I don't) not ready, or it's not right in someway for me to do it. I get over the fact that it's cost me money, a new client and maybe given me a reputation as rude due to the lack of response by knowing that it still is for the highest good in some way! (At least that is what I tell myself! :-/ )

But so many people have said to me “did you get my email?” this month it's like a stuck record! Or they haven't got mine either- and these are the people I have been lucky enough to see- so I will take the chance now to say- if you have emailed me and I haven't replied it is not because I can't be bothered-in fact I am OCD when it comes to emails so if you ever don't get a reply- it's because I haven't got it so email me again- please!

So on top of all those things I have even been dreaming about it- I dreamt my blackberry was so old and knackered it's buttons were falling out like rotten old worn out teeth, the night before that I dreamt about old issues arising and the next day they did- if only I had seen the warning in my dream and taken heed, but I guess we all need to remind ourselves of how far we have come and sometimes we can only do it by reverting momentarily. Dreams are very important messengers PARTICULARLY during Mercury Retrograde.

ASK YOURSELF: What do you remember dreaming about?

If you want more help working through your dreams check out The Academy Of Dreams at:

At work it's been like a reunion for me every day as old “re-turn” clients have been coming out the woodwork (waiting room!) it's been rather emotional- Imagine being on “Surprise surprise” ten times over in one day minus Cilla and you can get close!

ASK YOURSELF: What old friends and acquaintances have come back in your life over this period and why?

The amount of enquiries for Past- life Regression has been seriously prevalent, in fact I have never known so many requests and not only that but a position to teach Past Life Regression has just been offered to me so watch this space- Maybe next Mercury Retrograde!

(At this point my battery ran out......................)

Sunday 12th Sept-

The day Mercury goes direct!

I have weathered the storm of a full schedule of work around communication of the last few days of the retrograde and borrowed someone's charger-I am now on the train- going forward/back to Cornwall and all seems calmer! Fingers crossed!

On Thursday night a had a dream that night I messed up my Tarot Workshop on Saturday- I went to work at

Mysteries- from which I was going straight on to Euston to teach Tarot Masterclass. An hour before it started I realised I left all my stuff for it- in Cornwall!

Saturday went very well in my eyes and in fact I think I even managed to pull off Friday- But still I realized the dream was warning me and then I realize another gift of Mercury.

The whispering intuitions- not just through the night but during the day too, I have felt someone whispering in my ear, still I ignore it most of the time- you would think a full-time psychic had learnt to trust it but I am still human too and very much trying!!!

For those who have been reading the newsletters since March you will know about the challenging time my family and I have had finding a home to move into where we live in the far west corner of Cornwall due to the huge problem of second homes, holiday cottages, general tourist accommodation, and no mortgages being available for self-employed first time buyers, not only that but we have had a deadline due to our home being a serious health and safety risk.

The deadline was August 11th (my birthday!)

Not only did we not have anywhere to go but the recession hit us hard at that time and we didn't have any money to move either - it was a stressful time- Eventually I went to the letting agents a week before we were due out and begged for more time- we got it :-) So then the next challenge was how were we going to pay the rent?- Next thing I know a company who ripped me off coughed up the refund they owed me and I could pay the rent :-)

(We found our last house during the mercury Retrograde of October 2010- it was a new village we were moving too and our experience in the house has been rife with problems althoug the village have been very supportive- but we did move on October 11th (11 is the number of Justice and october is Libra-Justice that coupled with the retrograde was probably not the best move!)

Well- this Mercury Retrograde the house we have been looking so desperately for came to us- 30 seconds down the road! - and the “super-natural” thing about that is two things:

We can see the rooftop of our next home from our current bedroom window!- the amount of times I stood at that window and asked the universe where our next home in the village was- I was literally staring at it- not only that but when I did the last Psychic Development Diploma Day the students had to remote view the scene my husband was seeing- he was staring out the bedroom window over the roof top with the harbour in the distance- all of the students drew rooftop and a harbour- they did not know where he was.

Now I see the universe was trying it's best to get the message to me even then back in July but I just was too stressed to see.

Even when I saw the new home and loved it's character I still needed confirmation it was to be okay- I was worried about another horrific winter of severe damp and cold like we had had last winter and wondered if the house would be able to protect us as our present one had failed severely.

But then I remembered how I had seen that once again the universe went out of it's way to let me know it would be okay- When we were kindly told about the house by a neighbour it was a weekend and we had just returned from being away for a week. In Cornwall the shortage of rentals is severe which means anything on the market gets snapped up yesterday, I was anxious that we had been away and worried it would go. I sent emails and left phone messages over the weekend and Monday morning I was like a woman in labour, pacing up and down waiting for something to happen. I wondered if I should ring and heard a whisper in my ear; “wait until ten” a familiar whisper, I knew it was spirit but still I couldn't trust and rang!- to no avail! So then I did wait- until ten- and then I rang! The lady on the other end said “Oh Yes I have literally just sent you an appointment to view!”

So I thought about the roof-top view, the remote viewing, and the whispering and trusted.

We move into our new home when Mercury is direct! Even though we found it during Mercury Retrograde I am not worried with the message from spirit and the realisation that sometimes what happens in one retrograde sometimes needs another retrograde to get right and the fact that we are literally staying on the same road and only need a wheelbarrow to move so it really does just feel like a re-location.

I am definitely never moving on the 11th October again (11-Justice, Oct-Justice!)

Not with my birthday (11-Justice, Aug-Strength!)

This time it's: (4- Home and Security, Oct-Justice!)

ASK YOURSELF: What intuitions have you had?

ASK YOURSELF: What things got put right this time that “went wrong” in the recent past Mercury Retrogrades Periods of: 26th Dec 09- 15th Jan 10 and 18th Apr- 11 May

Remember that these reviews are gifts, insights to help your understanding and your path forward now until the next time- 10th-30th Dec, so use them wisely and have a beautiful time creating and moving forward freely until the next time for review...

Please feel free to forward on to anyone you feel would benefit from this...

Read on to find out about half price workshops and other deals for Autumnal Cornish Retreats...

Beautiful Bountiful Blessings to you

Tiffany x
It's not too late to regress:

Psychic Development Workshop at Mysteries, Covent Garden HALF PRICE, (3 places left)
Friday 24th Sept, 10:30-4:30 to find out more and book click here:
scroll down to “book now” and enter £50 into Paypal instead of £100 !!!
For this month's Reiki classes please see:
For details on Tarot Masterclass and to book please see:

For those that would like an Autumnal retreat in what would be a beautifully golden Lamorna see below:

****Tarot & Psychic Development Courses in Cornwall Special offer *****
Book both the workshops over one weekend save £5O OR... combine the ?Tarot & Psychic Development Workshops & Diplomas over two weekends & save £130!??

Beginners Tarot Workshop (The Fool's Journey), £100?
Sat 23rd Oct?? OR Mon 20th Dec

Psychic Development Workshop £100?
Sun 24th Oct?? OR Tues 21th Dec (Winter Solstice Special)

Professional Tarot Diploma £150
Sun 30th Oct

Psychic Development Diploma £140??
Sun 31st Oct-(Halloween Special)


Between Penzance and Lands End, Rosemerryn Wood lies nestles in the sheltered Lamorna Valley, a mile from the sea at Lamorna Cove.

??Set in seven acres of woodland, which hold within a two thousand year old man made cave the Boleigh Fogou. The Fogou was once part of an iron-age settlement; just one of numerous such Ancient Celtic sites to be found in the far west of Cornwall, but considered to be one of the best remaining monuments of its kind. Part of an iron-age site, this man made underground cave has survived pretty well intact for 2000 years. The word ‘fogou’ is derived from the Cornish word for cave – fogo - and indeed these fantastic constructions do not occur anywhere else in England. It is thought that birth and death rituals were carried out in the fogou, that it was used for initiation and spiritual ceremonies. The Fogou is well known for giving spiritual experiences for those that dare to enter!

??Having once been cultivated, part of the wood is graced with beautiful camellias and azaleas, and huge rhododendrons. ?Natural pathways, bordered by daffodils, bluebells and irises follow a stream that tumbles down through the valley to reach the sea at Lamorna Cove. Off the beaten track, and yet close to both Penzance and St Ives, as well as some beautiful sandy beaches and coves, Rosemerryn Wood offers the perfect setting for learning such magical arts such as Tarot and Psychic Development, at any time of the year it is deeply enchanting and beautiful.

Bed & Breakfast is offered in the main house where the courses will run for £30- £35 per person per night.

“There is a certain fairy magic that sparkles across the seven acres of Rosemerryn, not to mention the enigmatic Fogou in the gardens (definitely worth a visit) and as an introductory Tarot course, The Fool’s Journey does exactly what it says on the box and so much more. It ignited my respect for the cards and profoundly deepened my understanding of them. I am amazed at my ability to accurately interpret, all without my trusty Tarot book. I learn that it’s not so much a case of intellectually reading the cards as feeling through them.”

-Prediction Magazine- August 2010

“Thanks so much for the Psychic Development & Tarot weekend, they have got to be two of the most amazing days I have ever experienced. You are right when you describe this as a magical journey I feel like I'm in one of the most peaceful and yet exhilarating times of my life. Thank you so much I can't tell you how much this has all helped me refocus on what is important in life, I don't think you could have come along at a better time.”?
Michelle Bush

“I have attended Tiffany's professional Psychic Development course and it was totally brilliant. Tiffany is an excellent teacher, incredibly knowledgeable and very kind. Her course totally lived up to my expectations. I love how she was able to communicate complex information in a very clear and concise manner. I can't recommend her courses highly enough.”
Nicole Songpin Fan

“I had never really been drawn to the Tarot before, but after I met Tiffany I was inspired to attend her Tarot Beginners Workshop. I have to say it was the best workshop I have done, it was very informative but in a non overloading way, I felt Tiffany kept the whole day really punchy and up beat there was no chance of my mind wandering (that is saying something!!) I have come away armed with actions (it's a fantastic manual) to help me develop and understand the true magic of the cards. I found her an excellent teacher, she definitely has a gift for that as I know how hard it is having a room full of different people and abilities and you have make sure they are all on track. I would recommend Tiffany & the Course to everyone!!!”??

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