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Cases of Spirit and Distant Healing Part 30 Healing techniques from Isa Northage - continued

By:Isa Northage
Date: Fri,06 May 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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Isa Northage's Brief Guide to Healing (continued)

Now let us enter the developing circle with prayer as the most important factor in our development, firmly fixed in our minds, so that as we sit, our light may shine forth strongly.

The body should be healthy and functioning normally, and the nerves good and not tired, otherwise the body does not make a clear channel for the high vibration that is shortly to pass through it. Plenty of fresh water should be drunk, as this clears the body of its impurities, besides being a good conductor of power, as it is of electricity. The mind should be free from worry of any kind, as worry poisons the blood stream. Sit always with people you are perfectly in tune with, for there must always be perfect harmony in the developing circle. Relax completely, physically and mentally, and be sure that your seat is quite comfortable. It should be a wooden chair, for a soft seat soaks up power - [Also, those who try levitating tables find that plastic tables are not very responsive, compared with wood. Do any readers have comments either way on the use of plastic chairs? R.R.]

Sit in perfect quietness and occupy your thoughts by thinking of the guide, visualise him or her, so that you can learn to become connected quickly. As you cannot see the guide when he comes to you, you must learn to feel his presence, and to allow this to happen, quieten the vibrations of your own body by concentrating for a few moments on your pulse and heart beats which you can easily feel if you are sitting down quietly. Take a few deep, quiet breaths, then mentally command your heart to slow down, and after a little practrice you will find you are able to control the action of your heart. You will then be very relaxed and very quiet. When you actually start to do healing, you will be able to follow all these instructions and prepare yourself for the guide in perhaps a few seconds.

If you are going to be controlled, when you are quiet enough, you will feel a slight singing noise in your head, and you will feel yourself rising up and up, and everything will seem to go black. Not too pleasant until you get used to it, and then you will go unconscious. After going out of trance you will probably come to, feeling rather sick and a pain in the stomach. This condition will wear off as you become used to it.

Assuming that you are doing normal healing (for very few are entranced), as soon as you are in the right condition you will feel the guide as he or she comes in touch with you in the following way. You will suddenly come over hot (his or her vibrations coming into contact with your aura), and all your senses will become quickened in direct contrast to the relaxed state your were in a moment ago. The heart will probably start racing and you will literally throb, limbs and nerves together, for all your vibrations have been greatly increased by those of the guide. Because all the senses have been quickened, you will become extremely sensitive, and will probably pick up the very thoughts of your patient. Your instincts will be so sharpened that you will feel the very character of the person you are contacting. You will learn to diagnose the health condition through the easiest channel by which the guide is able to impress you. For example, picking up the person's conditions by the vibrations around them, you may actually take on these conditions yourself; or you may see a dull patch on the the part of the body affected; or the guide may be able impress your mind by telling you in thought conversation, so that you know exactly where the trouble is. It is rather difficult to explain why some people attempt to convey the impression that they are being controlled when they are not. It is a very weak thing to do, very ignorant, and definitely weakens the power, because their minds are not free. They are acting falsely and spoiling the quality of the power. Again, it holds the guide back, putting a barrier between him and the medium, thus doing nobody any good. It is also quite unnecessary to puff and blow, and wave your arms about. No guide ever causes you to do that. That is almost as bad as feigning trance, because this also interferes with the power. You are interrupting the functioning of your nervous and respiratory organs so that the guide's vibrations are broken up and flung all over the place. Anyone using these unnecessary and undesirable methods is doing the patient little good, because they actually prevent the power from flowing properly.

[to be concluded]

Article by W. J. Molson, of Grimsby, concerning the healing by Dr. Reynolds of a long-standing brain injury. November, 1948.

When I was fifteen years of age I lost a leg through being knocked down by a drunken motorist. My head was also badly knocked about in the accident, and I lay unconscious in hospital for several days. The effects of this accident were not all shown while I was in hospital, but soon after I was discharged I experienced flushing bouts, which increased in frequency and intensity in later years. During these attacks I would grind my teeth and a multitude of the most ridiculous thoughts would chase through my mind.....These attacks only came on at long intervals during the first ten or twelve years after my accident, but in the early years of the war they became more frequent, sometimes occurring two or three times a day, and when they happened during the night they were frightening, waking me up with my teeth grinding.

In 1942 I consulted a WimpoleStreet doctor who advised me to give up my A.R.P. [air-raid warden's ] work, and he prescribed a small daily dose of pheno-barbitone. This treatment was useless and the following year I consulted one of the world's leading brain specialists. I was X-rayed and subjected to certain electrical tests, the result of which was the discovery of a bruise on my brain, caused by the pressure of a small splinter of bone which had evidently been displaced when I met with the accident.

The daily dose of pheno-barbitone was increased to two and a half grains. The attacks certainly lessened in frequency, but became more severe and left me greatly depressed for several days afterwards. I still experienced three or four attacks every six or seven weeks. My eyesight now began to fail and I had the utmost difficulty in reading print.

I consulted leading eye specialists, and in 1946 I visited one in Harley Street. He examined me thoroughly, and told me that nothing could be done as malgeneration had set in. This consultation made me exceedingly depressed. During the early part of 1948 I had these attacks rather too frequently for my liking, and I feared that they were going to become as frequent as in 1942-43, when I had had to visit the specialists. I happened to mention my trouble one evening to a Spiritualist friend of mine, and she asked me to tell Mrs. Isa Northage, of Nottingham, of my trouble, and ask her if she would ask her spirit doctor, Dr. Reynolds, to come and see me one evening and make a diagnosis. I accordingly rang up Mrs. Northage that same evening and told her of my head trouble, describing the ridiculous thoughts which poured through my mind while the attacks were in progress. I made no mention of the fact that I had once had a serious accident and lost a leg. Mrs. Northage had never met me and did not know of this. She promised that she would ask Dr. Reynolds to visit me one night when I was in bed, between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m., and diagnose. This telephone conversation took place during the second week in March, and on the 20th March, I received a letter from Mrs Northage stating that Dr. Reynolds had found on examination, a slight injury to my skull, which was causing the trouble. This was of twenty years' standing. There was also a slight internal disorder which needed attention, and this would be put right. This report was most interesting, for it confirmed the diagnosis made by the specialist after the X-ray [and it was all the more remarkable for having been made at a distance, without the medium ever having met Mr. Molson. R.R.]

I acknowledged this letter and asked whether I should continue with the nightly doses of two grains of pheno-barbitone. Mrs. Northage replied on the 5th of April, stating that Dr. Reynolds wished to operate when I had been built up, and that I was to try to reduce the dose of pheno-baritone to one grain by the time of the operation. I immediately reduced the dose by half a grain, and after a fortnight on one-and-a-half grains, reduced it by another half-grain, thus taking the one grain dose as desired by Dr. Reynolds. I continued on this dose until the operation on May 26th. There were seven of us [names given] who entered the Sanctuary in the garden of Mrs. Mork's house on the vening of Wednesday, May 26th.

I opened the sitting with a prayer, and we sang two hymns, after which Chedioack, Mrs. Northage's guide, came through and welcomed the party. All except myself had met him before. He said that he did not wish to take up any time at this stage of the proceedings, as Dr. Reynolds wished to come through. There was silence for a few moments, and then we observed that the small red capped torch was moving about on the right-hand side of the Sanctuary, hovering over the table on which we had placed the cotton wool swabs, two small trays, antiseptic, etc., which Dr. Reynolds had ordered for the operation. The doctor appeared to be satisfied with his examination and the torch was lowered again. Within a matter of seconds a plaque arose in the air, and we were soon able to see the materialised figure of Mr. Reynolds. He briefly welcomed the sitters and then came to me, standing on my right. He asked in a friendly tone: "Nervous, Molson?" to which I replied in the negative. He then said that he proposed to examine my head and he took it in his hands. I could feel the presence of his fingers, quite gently, on certain parts of my head, and he made a thorough examination of the outside. He appeared to be satisfied and then said, "Now I am going to lift a bone which has been pressing down for many years. If I hurt you, give a yell, but I do not think I shall. I am also going to clean the bone." He then called for two of the ladies to bring the trays.

He took one of the swabs, dipped it into the antiseptic, and rubbed the right hand side of my upper forehead. I could distinctly feel the cold, wet sensation of the antiseptic on my skin. Then, in a quiet voice, he said, "this is where I do my trick. I am going to put my hand inside your head, clean, and lift the bone." I was able to observe out of the corner of my right eye, his hand come up as he rolled back the sleeve of his robe. I sat perfectly motionless, looking straight in front of me, and the half circle of sitters in front of me saw his hand enter my head from the right hand side.*

I was conscious of no unusual sensation, and it would appear as though the nerves in this part of the head were temporarily shut down during this part of the operation. The doctor withdrew his hand after a short while and dropped a swab into the empty tray. He repeated this operation again, withdrawing and dropping another swab into the tray. In all, this was repeated four times, after which the doctor said, "Now, I have cleaned the bone. I want you to look at the swabs afterwards. I have also lifted it so that there is now no pressure. You are very fortunate in having this done after so many years. I want you to cut down still further on the pheno-barbitone. During the next few nights, you may experience a sense of tightness in the head. We are filling in the small cavity which has been left by the lifting of the bone. Do not worry over this. I shall visit you between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m., so if you see a flash when you are getting into bed, do not worry, it is simply me." With those words, he bade us good-night and dematerialised.

To say that each of the sitters was greatly impressed by what had transpired would be an inadequate expression. It is difficult to find words with which to express our feelings after witnessing that wonderful spectacle; we were filled with awe and wonder, rejoicing together in the privilege which we had enjoyed. But the sitting was by no means over, for more was to follow. Within a minute or two of the completion of the operation, Dr. Savage, the Spirit Healer helping Mrs. A. Mork, presented himself to the company, standing on my right. His features could not be seen clearly in the faint luminous light by the sitters facing me, and he invited Mrs. Mork to step forward so that she might obtain a closer view, which she did. He smiled in welcome to the company, and then dematerialised. He was followed almost immediately by the Chinese guide of Mr. Cox, who although he did not materialise, spoke rapidly through the trumpet. He was followed by Gloria, Mrs. Mork's daughter, who spoke lovingly to her mother and sister, referred to her brother who was away at school, and sent her love to her aunt and father. For me, however, there was still a great joy in store. My mother materialised, standing on my right, smiling at me and the company, and telling me, in the voce which I had come to know so well while she had been in the flesh, "You will be all right now." She had known of my head trouble, and I fear that it had worried her greatly. There was that note of quiet reassurance in her voice which was deeply impressive to me, had I been in need of conviction after what I had already experienced.

Chedioack, Mrs. Northage's African control, then told us that here was someone coming who had never spoken through the trumpet before and he asked us to be patient with him, adding that the communicator wished to speak to me. Within a few seconds the trumpet began to rise, and then a strong voice addressed me. He told me that he was not used to holding these things. I promised him that we would help him, and immediately it was borne in upon me that it was my father who was speaking. He responded at once to the old name of Pop and showed himself thoroughly familiar with all the circumstances which had affected my life since his passing in 1942. He urged me to make a fresh start, to put the past behind me. He told of how he had awaited the coming to spirit life of my mother, who had passed on just over two years after him, and how happy they were rogether, and I told him that I remembered them every night in my prayers. He said that they did not need my prayers, but rather my kind thoughts.

Before leaving the Sanctuary we lifted the usuad swabs which had been placed on the tray by Dr. Reynolds. There was the unmistakable evidence. Each of the swabs bore the sign of blood, but two of them, presumably the first two which the doctor had used, were soaked with thick, black, dirty blood, which had been cleaned from the bone before it was lifted.

These wonderful events took place on May 26th, 1948, but I have allowed six months to elapse before completing this record. I am happy to say that at no time during this period has there been any return of the ill conditions which distressed me for so many years.

For several months now I have not taken any pheno-barbitone, and I now enjoy regular, normal, and peaceful sleep.

It is not easy to express in words the relief and happiness which I feel from this experience, which was the most moving and impressive of any in my life, abut my desire is to show my gratitude and appreciation of the great blessing of healing bestowed upon me, through the power of the spirit, by devoting my life to the service of others.

Such evenings as the one I have described come but rarely in our lives, and I realise that I am grealy blessed in having had such an experience. The great comfort and knowledge that I was not really alone in the world, that there were those on the other side watching over me, helping and inspiring me, was made manifest to me that evening, and will for ever remain a source of continual inspiration and confidence.

[* Dr. Reynolds materialised in his spirit body, and so could penetrate Mr. Molson's physical body without causing damage, and so operate and repair the damage. It would seem that the psychic surgeon, Jose de Freitas, or 'Arigo', with his rusty knife, being entranced by HIS spirit doctor, Dr. Adolphus Fritz, could similarly enter the physical body of his patients without harm, and this has been filmed by researchers such as Dr. Andrija Puharich. It would seem that in these cases, such as also with George Chapman, and Stephen Turoff, the spirit doctor while not materialising himself independently of the medium as in Isa Northage's case, is able to assume and take over the healer medium's spirit body and so work on the patient without causing physical harm. This puzzles the scientists who witness the event. They know something unusual is happening, but can find nothing tangible to explain it! R.R.]

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