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Nikola Tesla - About the man
Date: Wed,02 Apr 2008

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Snippet of article taken

"Things were created rather in the minds of angels, than in Nature, I.e. angels had all things clear in their minds and thoughts before they got a real existence." Words by Augustine Blessed cited by H.P. Blavatskaya In her book “Secret doctrine”

“The present is theirs; The future, for which I work, is mine”- said Tesla more than seven decades ago, to journalists gathered in New York City. Inventor of alternating current polyphase engines and generators, reversible magnetic fields, radio, teleautomatics, an inventor, on whose patents the energy of the Twentieth century and beyond is based, worked alone on the explanation of cosmic processes during the decades, having a desire to combine the material and the spiritual theoretically like he did in his practical discoveries. Mentioning Nikola Tesla’s name now mainly connects one with the Tesla coil, inductive engine and the international unit symbol "t" to measure the force of a magnetic field. Many facts of his life and his extraordinary creative gift are forgotten.

Tesla was fluent in many languages: Serbian-Croatian, he also spoke seven other languages: English, Czech, Hungarian, French, German, Latin, and Italian.

Primary Education -
Elementary school: Gospic
Secondary school: Karlovac
Degrees -
Baccalaureate of Physics: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)
Baccalaureate of Mathematics: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)
Baccalaureate of Mechanical Engineering: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)
Baccalaureate of Electrical Engineering: Austrian Polytechnic Institute (Graz)

Graduate studies -
Physics at Charles University in Prague
Docteur Honoris Causa -
For his work Tesla received numerous honorary doctoral degrees from a number of universities to include: Columbia University, Graz Polytechnic Institute,University of Zagreb, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, University of Belgrade, University of Brno, University of Grenoble, University of Paris, University de Poitiers, Charles University in Prague, University of Sofia, Vienna Polytechnic Institute, and Yale University

The most productive and creative periods of Tesla's life was spent in USA. He had patented more than 300 inventions in different countries. Many of them were not put into practical use; for example, the radiant energy receiver, his wireless transmission of power (electricity), his medical inventions, his bladeless disk turbine, and many, many others. We know nothing definite about his radiant energy receiver's principle of operation besides that of it being a transformer of energy produced by cosmic rays.

In the period from 1899 until 1900, he devoted himself to the research of electromagnetic oscillations of very low frequencies in his specially built laboratory in Colorado Springs. Two years later he began to build a world relay station on Long Island near New York City (Wardenclyffe, at Shoreham, Long Island) and never finished it. This experiment was financed by American steel magnate, J.P. Morgan, Tesla’s friend, at the time. This project was closed in 1905.

Tesla, up to his death, preferred to work alone, far from people’s sight. This period was not without new discoveries. Being a mature scientist, he came to fundamental conclusions, which will become a new milestone in future science. We know from history that when scientific thought finds itself at crossroads, the scientists address the past seeking support and inspiration. Let’s try to answer some important questions.

How did Nikola Tesla come to his discoveries?:

How was Tesla able to use the influence of super-low-frequency electromagnetic waves on biological systems, especially the workings of the cerebrum; coalesce energy structures, the so called “fire balls” from an inductive field of primary and secondary electromagnetic coils; superconductivity of natural and artificial mediums; the so-called wireless transmission of energy, and so on?

What are the main axioms of Tesla’s cosmology?

How do they follow from his metaphysics?

How did he apply them in his physical experiments?

Why are theorists and empiricists of modern physics of time so interested in the reconstruction of Tesla’s missing theory of physical reality and his view on electromagnetic phenomena?

Why didn't Tesla formulate his scientific theory and publish it?

Can Tesla’s sight on the ethical aspect of scientific discoveries help to ennoble modern natural science, especially physics, which is in an idea crisis now?

What can we expect in the near future from studying Tesla’s concepts?

Is it an overstatement to say that Tesla, in 1900 founded the possibility of a global information-oriented society in his famous project - World-wide Wireless System at Wardenclyffe?

Whether it is actually the technical and technological basis of what we now call the “New World order”?

Shall we consider Tesla to be a spiritual precursor of a new scientific and technological civilization named as Tesliana? The Technology of “time design” rules in Tesliana, where the time-shift or rather asynchronicity of various levels of physical processes will be the only and inexhaustible energy source.

Tesla’s unique research methods:

"Before I put a sketch on paper, the whole idea is worked out mentally. In my mind I change the construction, make improvements, and even operate the device. Without ever having drawn a sketch I can give the measurements of all parts to workmen, and when completed all these parts will fit, just as certainly as though I had made the actual drawings. It is immaterial to me whether I run my machine in my mind or test it in my shop. The inventions I have conceived in this way have always worked. In thirty years there has not been a single exception. My first electric motor, the vacuum wireless light, my turbine engine and many other devices have all been developed in exactly this way." — Nikola Tesla

This is the basis of how Tesla worked. No drawing, no sketch; just the power of his immense intellect - his mind. Let’s return to the middle XIX century, to the little village Smilyan in Lika, which was Austrian-Hungarian province. In this village on July10, 1856 Milutin Tesla, a Serbian Orthodox priest, saw the birth of his forth child, Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s family didn’t want him to study at the Polytechnic Institute, especially his father, who (required) wanted him to be a priest. Nikola felt a deep and insatiable vocation to be an electrical engineer and he felt sick due to this disagreement. When crisis came and it became evident that Nikola might die (from illness), his father finally agreed with the desire of his son. Soon Tesla recovered as if it was a miracle and was absorbed in inventive fantasy. After strenuous mental efforts, he began to suffer from a strange phenomenon. He saw clear visions sometimes accompanied by a strong light flash. It is the ability of people who have para-psychological power -

"In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images, often accompanied by strong flashes of light, which covered the sight of real objects and interfered with my thought and actions....When a word was spoken to me the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I sow was tangible or not." Tesla

He also described his spontaneous mind traveling:

"Then, instinctively, I commenced making mind trips beyond the limits of the small world of which I had knowledge and I saw new scenes. These were at first very blurred and indistinct, and would flit away when I tried to concentrate my attention upon them but, by and by, I succeeded in fixing them; they gained in strength and distinctness and finally assumed the concreteness of real thing. I soon discovered that my best comfort was attained if I simply went on in my vision further and further, getting new impressions all the time, and so I began to travel - of course in my mind. Every night (and sometimes during the day) when alone, I would start on my journeys, see new places, cities and countries, live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as real and dear to me as those in actual life and not one bit less intense in their manifestations. This I did constantly until I was seventeen, when my thoughts turned seriously to invention." from "My Inventions; Nikola Tesla's autobiography."

Tesla noticed that he could clearly visualize his discoveries, he didn’t need experiments, models or drawings. In such a way he developed his own methods to give material form to his creative ideas. Tesla sharply distinguished ideas, which were coming into his mind as visions, and those, which appear due to analytical mind clearance. Tesla explained:

The moment when somebody designs an imaginary device and is connected with a problem of transfer from raw idea to the practice. That is why any discovery made this way has lack of details, and usually it is inferior.

Tesla used another method, entirely. He did not hurry nor follow with an empirical check. When an idea appeared, he immediately began to elaborate on it in his imagination. He would change its design, improving it -and would “switch on” the device to begin its operation in his head. For him, it did not matter whether he tested his invention in the laboratory or in his mind. He could notice if something would prevent his invention from working properly… in the same way he could develop a perfect idea without any physical touch. Only then would he give a concrete look for this final product of his mind. All his inventions were developed by this method - with no exceptions, during twenty years…

"There is hardly any scientific discovery that can't be foreseen mathematically, without visualization… Introduction of unfinished, crude ideas to the practice is always a waste of energy and time."

Studying the mechanisms of his mental life, Tesla found that a number of visions “from virtual reality” always had certain connection with events of “true reality”. He had an ability to realize this causation. He was glad to understand that even his thoughts were the result of the influence of external impressions. He noted that not only thoughts, but actions, also appeared in the same way. Some time passed, and it became clear to him that he was only a kind of “automaton of cosmic forces” endowed with abilities to move, respond to irritations of the sense organs and thoughts. His Invention of teleautomatic control was a result of this conclusion many years later. He understood the laws of this control through a clear feeling and external conditioning of his own behavior.

Nikola Tesla used imagination as a psychological precursor of well-ordered disclosure made by mathematical methods. We can say nothing of this about his contemporary, inventor Thomas Edison, because having a weak knowledge in mathematics, Edison at first was guided by long and laborious experiments. In his records, Tesla often speaks about his predisposition to the mental processes. These processes corresponds to the same principles, which Nature should follow. He considered this inborn gift to be given as a “diffused pressure”, which calls a sense to make another invention, because the experiment of a previous researcher was lacking something. Here he sees not only a source of invention in general, but also some proof that the law of different realities affects the man. Briefly, Tesla considered creative imagination thresholds of a conscious discovery act.

According to Tesla, certain conclusions were born in his mind spontaneously, in the form of geometric images. Then followed the understanding of the discovery and its physical interpretation. Only then, mathematical formalization took place, followed by finding the necessary technical properties and material essential for a continuous operation of the constructed physical model. The work he understood at first as a struggle for mental clarification, i.e. elimination of secondary ideas and sensible details, which blur imaging principles and complicate the approach to the real nature of relations between fundamental geometrical elements.

According to Tesla, the principle was considered finished and ready to apply, when the connection between geometrical objects was stated. Thus, discovery appeared at the moment when correspondence of the elements and their physical manifestations was defined, so we can find a physical law, which rules in the real world, in the algorithm itself. For Tesla, an idea found its manifestation in the act of creative thinking. Only then, the operating parameters of a specific device took place, following from general understanding. The result can be a design of an inductive engine or a model of rotating magnetic field. As he told it, a method of mental improvement was polished to such great extent, making even minute corrections of the discovery in my mind, without any physical check, would assure it correct operation. It can open an illusive secret to his work, amounting to a great volume, taking into consideration all of his scientific and technical innovation; it is a remarkable fact.

Tesla also made a hypothesis on the extraordinary effect of external irritants on human thinking and memory. Referring to Rene Decart’s theory, he concluded that subjective human work and human life, as a whole, has such features as automatism, which is stipulated, by space. According to Tesla’s evidence, creativity can be the consequence of automatic operation of the brain (appearance of unknown visual ideas), that’s why he developed an additional supposition about the reversible effect of the brain's visual centers on the retina. Here, he saw a reason for the appearance of his images, which led to discoveries. Thus, though the human brain processes information about external irritants, it can create new images and relations between the phenomena of the real world reflected in it and images of the imaginary world. And finally, it was Tesla’s opinion that thought, memory, and motion are feedback processes, that’s why we should mention that with an attempt to understand his inborn gift of invention, he also understood the role of cybernetics as a reflection of cosmic principles of material and informational organization.

Believing that the Universe is alive and people are “automates” in some extent, acting according to the Creator’s plans, Tesla made an original theory of memory. He considered that the human brain does not have the ability to remember in the way that we consider it (biochemical or rather biophysical way) and memory is only a reaction of the human brain's recurring external irritants. It is unusual that Tesla, who had a very good memory (he spoke seven or eight languages) and had the ability for eidetic imagination, was sure that there was no human memory. It is more important that as author of a few hundred scientific discoveries, Tesla didn’t consider his creativity to be his own, and surely stated, it is only a conductor of ideas, which come from the world of ideas to the world of people and practice. All this is not contradictory if we remember that Tesla, being the son of a priest, answered the question about his religion, believing in the only God. Later Tesla himself became closer to Buddhism, he even went in for yoga, watched after nutrition, meditated, and, the last years before his death he lived as an ascetic in New York City (like an Indian guru or Orthodox saint).

At twelve, Tesla could override his visions by act of will and change them to other visions. However, as he noted, he couldn’t override the light flashes. Usually these flashes appeared in certain dangerous situations or when he was greatly excited. He wrote: “In some certain moments I noticed that all air around me was full of tongues of real flame. Intensity of these tongues grew after a number of years instead of falling and reached maximum at the age of Twenty-five. Once I had a feeling that my brain was enveloped in flames and a little Sun shines in my head”. Tesla wrote when he was 65: “These light phenomena sometimes still appear, especially when some new idea shows me unprecedented possibilities, but their intensity is relatively weak”.

Over a long period of time, Tesla tried to solve the question of death and attentively looked for any manifestations of death in real life. Tesla wrote: “Only once in my present existing I experienced something that looked like supernatural. It happened during my mother’s death. I was ill and exhausted with fever, and was lying in the bed. Suddenly I thought that if my mother dies far from me, she possibly will give a sign. Two or three months later I was in London with my now the late friend, English scientist sir William Crookes, where there was a discussion about spiritism. I was impressed by his case and remembered his work on “radiant matter”, which I read when I was a student. Due to this work, I understood my vocation to be an electrician. I thought that prerequisites for looking “beyond” were favorable since my mother was a woman with extraordinary intuition. All night every fiber of my brain was strained in expectation, but nothing happened until morning, and only when I felt asleep or may be began to nod, I saw a cloud, which carried cherubic figures of divine beauty. One of them looked on me with love, and little by little I recognized in it my mother. The ghost was flying along the room slowly, and finally disappeared. I abruptly woke up with the sound of indescribable pleasant voices. In this moment a confidence, which cannot be described by any words, came over me: I knew that my mother died. And it was true”.

The same day Tesla sent a letter to Crookes under the influence of this vision, and, while still being ill. These two scientists were in correspondence for many years, but Tesla’s letters to Crookes disappeared together with Crookes’s archives, in 1918. Crookes’s huge scientific material contains numerous records of spiritistic seances, held in a strictly scientific and experimental nature, and gives clue to many hundreds of pictures with materialized ghosts from different historical epochs. The Tesla museum in Belgrade keeps Crookes’s letter to Tesla of 1893, where Crookes thanked Tesla for a special electromagnetic spiral coil Tesla sent to him. This spiral coil created a field, which made the contours of ghosts clearer and at the same time it had good effects on the medium’s condition, making an experiment easier.

At the same time when Crookes began his scientific study of spiritistic phenomena in London, Mendeleev began to do the same in Saint Petersburg in 70-s of XIX century. A committee of specialists formed in Saint Petersburg and after a short time, about ten séances later concluded that it is just a superstition. English and Russian science is subdivided on the conclusions, or secrets, calling them "factitious" (including Tesla’s physics of ether).

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