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Witney's Psychic & Wellbeing Fair
Date: 10-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Date: 03-Apr-2021 10:00 AM

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Spiritual Journey 6 Week Course
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Matlock Mind Body Spirit Event
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Mind Body Spirit Festival - Colchester
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Hope for the Future?

Date: Sat,05 Sep 2009
Submitter:Brenda Grubb

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This article involves those people who hold the future of life on planet earth in their hands, well, you could easily say that includes each one of us, and you would be right; however, for now I am inspired to focus on one group of us - Our Children, or, rather those who are ‘quite special’ so are capable of turning everything around so that a very positive and strong future can be had by all humans as they live out their lifes span on Mother Earth.

There are those on the earth now, who can and do live quite comfortably in ‘the two worlds’ simultaneously. They are quite capable of knowing the future, for they are already there. So if the rest were able to let them show the way forward we could, all of us, quite easily know and begin to reshape the projection of life on Mother Earth.

Of course these children are needing the adults who can accept their way of seeing life, and so can readily bring the understanding they hold within forward, and allow them the freedom of using the knowledge they possess, - more than that; they could quite easily assist them in putting it into practice were they farsighted enough to see the potential in these special people; rather than merely analyzing them and comparing them to ’present day standards’.

We are now on the cusp of a very important wave upon Mother Earth, as we all enter into the Shift in the Consciousness of this very special planet. So, now is the time which is the right time to take the brakes off and stop all the analyzing, and the dissecting of all the information these young people possess.

This is the time to utilize all of the enthusiasm the young possess, and which will carry all through this period of ‘chaos’ as we move away from what has been, and on into what is to come.

By holding onto the idea that because we have all the ‘experience & expertise’ we must be very significant in the scheme of things; we are in effect causing a ‘blockage’ in the future life for all life on this planet, Now is the time when the metaphorical Dandelion Seeds can leave the plant to take flight and be at the Mercy of Natures Winds, to replant them where they maybe most beneficial to future growth before the artificial brain thinks enough to destroy the Plan of Mother Nature.

The term, ‘Mother’ is most important; even that is being taken from the equation, albeit in a slow rate, by those who look forward to ‘artificial intelligence’, without the method employed by Mother Nature. Let us look for a moment ofr two at these words:-

Mother Nature // Mother Earth // Mother Country // Mother Love // Mother Board:-

MOTHER EARTH:- The Earth and all of the energies and resources on earth are here for the continuation of all life as Mother Nature intended - Now, Mother Nature may be somewhat slower in what is produced than some would like; so they want to,’ give her a hand’ and ‘improve’ her creations; but I can’t help thinking that to leave her alone; to all be as one accord with the rhythm of her heart beat would be the right course of action right now.

MOTHER COUNTRY:- Take a long hard look at this one - and think of all a real Mother does for her children . If she is the perfect Archetype she will give her all to see that her children receive the very essence of her Nature in order to successfully survive all of their allotted experiences upon this Glorious planet; Our Mother Earth - Now, imagine yourself turning into, say - Agatha Christie or, Sherlock Holmes (even better, the Pink Panther!!) Then, with all your sleuths equipment to hand; go and make the connections to all the fundamental origins of the ‘man-made worlds’; Financial / Scientific / Experimental / Education / Exploration etc… Just take each strand and follow it to its ultimate beginnings. The majority will be heading to England; ;The ‘Great Mother Country’

Ok! Hands up! I admit you will no doubt find some of the ‘greatest’ negative snide and underhanded goings on as well - lets take a break here for a moment - Being the Mother Country means exactly that. The Archetype of a Mother; Loving and accepting her off-spring no matter the outcome; coming as she does from the very essence of existence Itself. She sees all through the positive eyes of Love and of Forgiveness ; and in all but a very few cases, it is this Love and Forgiveness which, being the strongest energies, will work their way forward, and so influence those who will have strayed from their original intention in life - this has been proved beyond question many; many times and is not entirely anything to do with a religious scenario, although religion has, and always will have a significance in life for many.

So as, The Mother Country will know, those who have strayed, will eventually return, once they have reached the end of their present journey and have found; nothing.

If The Mother Country had provided all of the financial means for all of these inventions; experiments etc.. they would have never travelled abroad to expand into other countries; right? So, there is always that giving attitude so natural to all good archetype Mothers; while they so often take a back seat and watch with great pride their off-spring grow and flourish among the other aspects within life.

‘Q’:- ‘What about the present scenario?’ - ‘A’:- Think about it folks! On one hand we have the Quantum / Scientists / Mechanics, who are really on the ball, as they have the gifts of bringing the minimalist / minute / tiny, in all aspects, so are proving conclusively to any would be sceptic, that ’power’ is a universal gift to be used in many ways. So; Never; Never forget that EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS on Mother Earth has great and lasting potential on other planets - We are ‘The Only Planet of Choice‘ // Experimentation in its fullest sense.

Dare I say now that England will be the forerunner of many ’new’ inventions to come; (By the way; what WAS Concord all about?)

The Mother Country knows within her heart that there can / will come life outside of the presently known physical make up of the Earthly / bosy / shell; that a much finer version is even now on ’the Drawing Board’, and is why present day Mediums can see ’spirits / ghosts’ as the next world advances upon our consciousness.

MOTHER BOARD:- This planet when all the experiments come to their ultimate conclusion, act as a ’blue print’ for the rest of our local universe as it converts the finer frequencies of energies into use within what is normally termed earth-bound atoms and molecules making up Mother Earth. This is all part and parcel of the great shift in consciousness.

There are so many on this planet now, as they know it will be a very; very long time before ’incarnation’ as we know it to be, can take place. Simply as a result of the many experiments upon the structure known of as DNA. This particular set of experiments will in fact cause a halt to many ’normal natural’ routes of incarnating for a while, but could well open up other routes of a more defined nature. This coincides with recent ’rearrangements’ of family life etc…

As it becomes generally known that life is indeed eternal, so can these particular experiments come into their own; especially as, at the same time comes the knowledge that ’We are not alone’. Thus comes into the equation the fact that the Human Consciousness is indeed expanding at a fast rate.

Now comes the understanding of our being on the ’Only Planet of Choice’ We can either look upon all of this in a negative way, accepting the ’Orwellian’ 1984 ’point of view’ or, we can take a step back from it, and concentrate on building up a very positive point of view, whereupon each individual isd free to evolve and progress along its natural route within Mother Earth; taking out ALL fear based scenarios and put in place the most positive; natural; graceful future for this planet .
This can; must and will be done from the structure of the Mother Country first, and as with all previous scenarios, then emigrate outwards, making this planet once more as a ’Garden of Eden’ symbolically setting in motion the original intentions for this local universe.

‘A place for everyone, and everyone in their place - positively ; with LOVE and CONSIDERATION at every step forward we all take together - with the LOVE of Our Mother Earth to guide us. Bless Everyone Who Reads This Today. xx
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